Digital Access

What is Digita l Access?
Digital Access: full electronic participation in society.


All people should have fair access to technology no matter who they are. To become productive citizens, we need to be committed to equal digital access.
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What does this excerpt from an article on Digital Citizenship say?
Digital Access. Digital exclusion of any kind minimizes the growth of human beings in an electronic society. Many factors contribute to the digital divide, including economic, social, and even personal reasons. How do technology leaders ensure that everyone has equal access to technology regardless of gender, race, age, ethnicity, and physical or mental challenges? Technology leaders must be aware of and support electronic access for everyone to create a foundation for digital citizenship. Providing the resources to allow everyone to participate in a digital society is necessary. Both elementary and secondary students need to have access to up to-date computers, software, digital cameras, and so on. Assistive technologies such as page readers for word processing, spreadsheets, and Internet use should be provided for students with special needs. School libraries are open to the public after school and on weekends, which allows for access students may not have at home. How do we provide equal access for those who cannot or choose not to use technology? Some people have the resources to allow them to participate in the digital society. Others cannot afford the technology. Still others may choose not to use the technology. Schools and society must provide access while leaving the choice to become a participating member in the digital community up to the individual.
This Chart shows how many people have Digital Access in varying countries. For ease of reading we have only included the very top and very bottom of the chart.
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This video is a great example illustrating digital access per capita by country.
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Is there such a thing as, "Full Digital Access for All"? Should everyone have equal digital access? Is Digital Access a right, a responsibility, something in between? Please write your thoughts below.

In the Notebook software on the SmartBoard students were able to add their thoughts, comments and questions. We were considering how equitable or fair the technology opportunities are within our own school community.